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About Us

What is UPLO?

We are the largest site in the UK for helping property investors to find motivated landlords. One of the key indicators of a motivated landlord is a property that is both for rent and for sale. These are great opportunities for a potential PLO (Purchase lease option). This is an excellent creative strategy for securing a property and generating both cashflow and generational wealth. Our site is designed to make finding these opportunities easy for you. Subscribing to the site gives you access to the entire UK market where we have 1000’s of these potential deals waiting for you. But that is not all. Your subscription also comes with our help and support service via whatsapp. We value each and every one of our users and we want you to succeed in your property journey. We can guide you through the whole process from stacking the deal, to negotiating with the landlord to finally getting the contracts signed. We really want you to succeed and I hope that our site will enable you to do that.

Who are we?

We are experienced property investors ourselves. Both Phil and Al attended Simon Zutschi’s Mastermind training where we learnt all the skills to be successful property investors. There are so many advanced strategies to learn but one of the best ones is to use purchase lease options to secure properties. Properties for rent and for sale make great propositions for this strategy because the landlord is telling us that he is happy with either option. Therefore to agree a rental price for a period with the OPTION of purchasing the property for a fixed price at a later date can be very appealing to these landlords. This can be a very powerful strategy for quickly growing a property portfolio. However, there is a problem. It takes a long time to find one of these deals. There are comparatively few on the market compared to the high number of properties for sale and for rent. They can get lost in the crowd. We spent a long time to develop our software to make it easier to identify these deals. We were really pleased with the results but it gave us a new problem. There were too many for us to deal with! We decided to share our software with the wider world and UPLO was born. It stands for unidentified purchase lease options. We are so excited to share our system with you and help our users to find amazing deals!