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Are all these properties secured deals?

No they are not. Our software identifies properties with motivated vendors. As these are both for sale and for rent a PLO could work really well for the landlords but there are lots of other strategies out there that may also work for them. You should contact the agent and arrange to meet the landlord to find out their circumstances. That bit is up to you.

What about the competition from other users on the site?

We limit the subscribers to our service to 100 users ONLY at any one time. This guarantees that there will be enough deals out there for everyone and it is unlikely the same agent will be contacted by multiple users of our site.

What if there are no deals in my area?

We have thousands of leads on the site at any one time but even still, they are comparatively rare. This is an incredibly buoyant market at the moment so these are even harder to come across. However, as the market changes, you will want to make sure that you have access to the information we have. Early adoption secures this for a lower price. Over time the cost for our services is going to increase as our subscriber numbers go up. Early adoption of the service puts you in the best place to get this incredible information when more the economy shifts and we get more motivated vendors in the marketplace. We’re also continuously upgrading and improving the way we find these opportunities so we can present more and more data to our clients.

What does my subscription pay for?

We re-invest all our subscriptions back into the website. We use the feedback of our users to generate improvements that they want and need. If there is a feature you want but we don’t have, just let us know. If it’s possible we’ll add it to the site for you. We are user led and want to create a great product with amazing value.

What is your cancellation policy?

It’s a monthly rolling subscription. If you want a demo of our services before signing up, just contact a member of our team and we can arrange that for you. If you are already signed up and want to cancel, that’s no problem. Just cancel your subscription through the site and your payments to us will stop.

What if a PLO isn’t the right strategy for my deal?

There are a number of creative strategies you can use to purchase property. We have an in-depth knowledge of the property market and property investing. In some circumstances, A PLO simply isn’t the best option for the landlord you are talking to. This doesn’t mean that they are not motivated and wouldn’t accept a different offer. We are here to help you find your path through your deals and create a good solution for the landlord. Once subscribed you will be added to our whatsapp support group where you can ask us anything you want. We can guide you through the deals. We’re here to support you.